Pediatric Care

As important for a expecting mother to be under chiropractic care, it is equally as important for a mother and child post birth to be under chiropractic care.

The birth process for both mother and child can be very traumatic causing joint dysfunction of the spine which left untreated can lead to developmental delays in the child. The adjustment for babies and small children is a very gentle adjustment. In most cases you and the child don't even realize an adjustment occurred. The adjustment is a low force pulsation created by the doctors finger.It is no more pressure than what you would test the ripeness of a tomato! The reason the adjustment to a new born or young child is so gentle is because they have not yet developed the muscular and ligament strength to resist an adjustment.

So if you are looking for a local chiropractor that strives to make our young population thrive, come see Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Kaleb at Dynamic Chiropractic. Call now to schedule a free consultation with on of our doctors. 856-222-1500.

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